Environment Protection Laboratory

Work Environment Examinations

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Analysis of entrusted specimens

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Over 30 Years of experience

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Room examinations

We conduct research for air, noise, ventilation and respirable asbestos fibers in industrial, residential premises and public buildings such as: schools, kindergartens, offices, halls and sports halls.
  • Did you know that noticeable chemical smell in the room where you are working, you are, whether you live can be a sign of the presence of construction materials or equipment that emits harmful chemicals
  • Did you know that being in a toxic space deteriorating your health. It may be the cause of such allergies, irritation of mucous membranes, headaches, unnatural fatigue or depression


  • Wykonujemy badania frakcji respirabilnej krystalicznej krzemionki (kwarcu i krystobalitu) w powietrzu metodą spektrometrii w podczerwieni (FT-IR).

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